My Work: Electronic / Industrial

I’ve worked with many artists across multiple genres, as a producer, and as a mixing and mastering engineer.

Here are some of my favourite Electronic / Industrial projects I’ve worked on. You can browse other genres:

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Ore Synthesizer Club

“John recorded our “The 1969 Moon Landing Show”. His production skills shone and he’s made something really special, mixing and mastering the tracks to give us a superb record of the event. He’s a pleasure to work with. Thanks, John!”

Nick Beetham, Ore Synthesizer Club

Lunar Orbit – Ore Synthesizer Club
(Mix & Master)
On The Moon – Ore Synthesizer Club
(Mix & Master)
(Mix & Master)

Second Chance Blown

“Mastering an album is essential nowadays. So if you have to do it, do it with someone who knows what you are trying to achieve, and then manages to make it sound even better. For us, that someone was John Nicholls.”

Aljoša Mislej – Second Chance Blown – Bandcamp

Shore – Second Chance Blown
Oh The Fillings – Second Chance Blown

Gavin Martin

“I was very fortunate to work with Hastings heroes Ore Synthesizer Club on two tracks. John’s skill foregrounded the right measure of clarity and impact on the vocals, giving the thrust and tenderness required. Top notch.”

Gavin Martin –

The A21 – Gavin Martin
(Played by Tom Robinson – BBC 6 Music) (Mix & Master)
Close To A Blessing – Gavin Martin
(Mix & Master)