My Work

Here’s a few of my favourite projects I’ve worked on.

John Donaldson

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with John on several projects over recent years. His ears and technical knowledge have unfailingly brought great clarity to the music we have worked on – jazz and music for film/tv. He removes the detritus that many a mixing engineer would have missed or maybe not even heard, then he adds some magic. Great guy to work with. Highly recommended.”

Joy – Hexagonal (Mix)
Walk Spirit Talk Spirit – Hexagonal (Mix)
For tomorrow – Hexagonal (Mix)
The Pursuit – Ben Clatworthy (Mix)
Just Another Addiction – Ben Clatworthy (Mix)
Portsmouth – John Donaldson (Mix)

John Donaldson – Piano player / Composer / Arranger – Records

Jonas Larsson

“Working with John Nicholls is absolutely amazing. He really puts his heart into every project and his skills are fantastic. A mastering wizard! I use Audioracket for all my projects.”

Someday Soon – Jonas Larsson (Mix & Master)
Ducks And Squirrels – Jonas Larsson (Master)

Jonas Larsson – Artist / Guitarist / Composer –

Ricky Damiani

“Given they were remixes, I was after a different sound, so John suggested we try Stem Masters. Boom! They just came alive!
His work is efficient, cost effective and above all, damn good. John has quickly become the go to guy for my mastering needs.”

Cold Light [sample] – Ricky Damiani (Stem Master)
Your Open Heart Remix – Ricky Damiani (Stem Master)

Ricky Damiani – Singer / Songwriter –

Gregory Heath

“We engaged John’s services to mix Hexagonal’s debut album ‘Bheki & McCoy’. He was a pleasure to work with. Apart from his very capable professional skills as an audio engineer, he was very easy to communicate with and this made for a great collaborative experience.
We were very happy with the result and are looking forward to using him on our next project.”

The Temple of Juno – Hexagonal (Master)

Gregory Heath – Saxophonist / Composer / Arranger / Producer –

Pepe Belmonte

“John is honest and thorough, and his work ethic is second to none. His professionalism and dedication to a project he has committed to is commendable. Generous with his time and willing to go beyond, he listens to the sensitivities of a project and can offer well-considered, professional opinions.”

Open Water – Pepe Belmonte (Mix)
The Waterline – Pepe Belmonte  (Mix)
She Says – Pepe Belmonte (Mix)

Pepe Belmonte – Recording Artist / Songwriter –

King Size Slim

“I’ve worked with John on a number of recording projects now. He is always professional, always amiable, always on point. John provides a project with a genuine sense of ‘we can do this’. His knowledge and experience is second to none, and always delivered with a humility and empathy often lacking in Audio/Visual techs’. He is definitely our ‘go to’ tech.”

Sails Of The Amsterdam – King Size Slim (Mix)
I’m Over You – King Size Slim (Mix & Master)

Toby Barelli aka King Size Slim – Award Winning Singer-Songwriter –

Dai Herbs and Lickyback Frog

“John’s professional approach and expertise really brought this song to life! Thanks so much John, can’t wait to work with you again!”

River Runs – Dai Herbs and Lickyback Frog (Mix)

Hayley Savage

“John mastered my debut solo 4 track EP in April 2020. I can’t tell you how grateful I was for the ease and speed of the process. He understood exactly the sound I was after and was positive and supportive from the get go. Exactly what you want for what feels like such a delicate and personal piece of work to pass on to someone. The mastering really was the cherry on the cake and gave me more confidence in the finished product.”

[Indie Folk]
Big No – Hayley Savage (Master)
Tuesday – Hayley Savage (Master)

Hayley Savage – Singer / Guitarist / Songwriter & Producer –

Scott Fitzgerald

“A highly skilled individual who approaches music with both passion and ruthless precision, John is a very hard worker and will deliver you results quickly and efficiently. I will certainly be using him in the future and highly recommend you recruit him to your project in any capacity.”

Ghostbusters – Selling Shadows (Master)

Scott Fitzgerald – Producer – SoundCloud

Brendan and Fiona

“Wonderful! John really brought the music alive. He really understood the sound we were after.

She Moved Through The Fair – Brendan and Fiona (Mix & Master)

Mighty Sounds

“John is fantastic to work with. On top of being an all round lovely guy, he has a truly remarkable musicality, a brilliant pair of ears, and top-notch technical skills. He’s intuitive, collaborative and supportive, but also open, and able to give you an alternative perspective when needed. He’s definitely become my band’s regular go-to studio guru.”

Writing On The Wall – Mighty Sounds (Mix)
Senór Badges Dub – Mighty Sounds (Master)
Queen Of The Jungle Dub – Mighty Sounds (Master)

John Sutter – Guitarist / Producer, Mighty Sounds –

Blank Francis

“John’s work on this track is fantastic. The mixing and production are a joy to listen to; very atmospheric and in keeping with the frosty theme.”

Winter Presence – Blank Francis (Mix)

Blank Francis – Bandcamp

Someone Anyone

“It was a pleasure working with John. Such an easy-going guy, with a fantastic sound. I felt like he was really invested and involved, and will definitely be working with him in the future.”

Vices – Someone Anyone (Master)

Harry Osborne – Singer / Producer / Songwriter –

Gavin Martin

“I was very fortunate to work with Hastings heroes Ore Synthesizer Club on two tracks. John’s skill foregrounded the right measure of clarity and impact on the vocals, giving the thrust and tenderness required. Top notch.”

The A21 – Gavin Martin (played on BBC Radio 6 Music) (Mix & Master)
Close To A Blessing – Gavin Martin (Mix & Master)

Gavin Martin –


“Working with John was a pleasure. He listened to the songs and made some small, but helpful suggestions with a calm, patient approach. The raw tracks already sounded great, but his mixes took them to another level and we’re delighted with the results.”

Without A Whisper – Wildflower (Mix)

Second Chance Blown

“Mastering an album is essential nowadays. So if you have to do it, do it with someone who knows what you are trying to achieve, and then manages to make it sound even better. For us, that someone was John Nicholls.”

[Indie Electronic Heavy]
Shore – Second Chance Blown (Master)

Aljoša Mislej – Second Chance Blown – Bandcamp

Nick Beetham

“John recorded our “The 1969 Moon Landing Show”. His production skills shone and he’s made something really special, mixing and mastering the tracks to give us a superb record of the event. He’s a pleasure to work with. Thanks, John!”

Ore Synthesizer Club

Live Recordings

I also mix and master live recordings in post-production.

Jonas Larsson Band
Pepe Belmonte
Ore Synthesizer Club

King Size Slim

Dark Soul (Live) – King Size Slim
This Sweet Life (Live) – King Size Slim