Today’s music industry is all about DIY, and that’s no bad thing. You have complete creative control. You can self-produce. You might have tracked in a proper studio; maybe you honed your recording chops with a laptop. Either way, you poured your soul into your tracks, and you need to do them justice.

Of course, you can DIY the mix too. Youtube has countless instructionals and software comes with some impressive plugins these days . Do play around with mixing – the more you understand the process, the better.

But I can add so much more: an acoustically treated environment; multiple monitors for checking mixes on a range of speakers; a bucket load of tasty gear.

And most importantly: a fresh pair of ears, and years of experience. It’s what I do.

Essentially, I don’t have just one process. There is – of course – EQing, compression and side-chaining, reverbs, pretty much without exception. But every track is individual. Every track needs to be listened to carefully and shaped, or not, with the tools to get it sounding exactly how you want it. I don’t work a conveyor belt: I don’t limit revisions, and I insist we work on your tracks until they’re right. 

You’ve done your research: you get what you pay for. And there have never been so many options. Certainly you’ll find a ton of folks with a fresh college certificate offering to do your mix for next to nothing. I don’t offer bargain-basement prices and I learned the old-fashioned way: in studios, over the last twenty-odd years, from the professionals.

Hiring me over larger companies means I’ll be your only point of contact and you know exactly who is mixing your track. Furthermore I come from a background as a working musician and have produced several albums – experience that pays dividends when communicating with clients about their work. After all, my name will be in the credits, and that means nothing leaves the door until everyone’s happy.

Mixing Prices

Mixing prices vary depending on channel count and complexity.

£150-650* per track

*Further 20% discount for unsigned/self-funded.

Get in touch and I will send you a quote for your project.

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