About John

Photo by Alex Winn Photography | alexwinn.com

Why use my services?

I’ve spent more than 20 years in the music business, initially as a musician, and more recently as a professional mixing and mastering engineer. My years of experience on both sides of the glass have instilled the values I work by today.

Firstly, listen to the client, communicate with the client, then listen to the client some more! Of course I’ll certainly have ideas if you want some extra input, but as I often put it, “make sure you’re mixing the record that they want, not the one you think it should be”.

Secondly is remembering that every job has my name on it. Whether it’s a school production or signed act on their fifth album, I won’t let a track out of the door until I’m confident that it’s finished to the highest possible quality.

My portfolio includes many artists that I have been working with for years, building a solid rapport through consistency and communication, and the knowledge that I will deliver on time. 

More about me

Please don’t feel obliged to read this, but in case you’re wondering who you’ve let loose on your precious baby…

I’m based on the south coast of the UK, preferring the space of being by the sea after a decade-plus living in London. I’ve been a professional in the music industry since leaving university, over twenty years ago, initially as a guitarist for hire, gigging and touring six nights a week. In fact, even before uni I’d already had a ton of experience after a band I was in signed to a label in 1998.

Making a living playing the guitar taught me a lot about listening, people, and what it means to be a professional in something as complex, nuanced, expressive, and downright bloody wonderful as music. Moreover, as well as some fabulous places, it took me into some amazing studios. Studios full of history, mixing desks, vintage gear, and talented producers that had been part of making that history. I soon fell in love with studios and everything about them; recording, mixing and production became my new obsession.

I embraced these producers and engineers as mentors whenever possible. Of course I learnt many tricks of the trade, such as side-chaining, parallel compression, and phase EQ. But more than that, they instilled the values that I have worked by ever since. 

I appreciate the love and dedication that you’ve put into your music to get it this far, which is why I treat every project with the utmost respect and consideration.